MK Series

A large stainless steel tank with two legs.

MK Filter Housing

Multi-basket Filter Housings allow a wide range of flow options for multiple baskets. From 2 to 23 baskets and 2” to 12” sized pipes, Carbon or Stainless steel, the Knight Multi-bag filter housing allows for flow rates from 200 to 3500 gpm.

Standard pressure rating on Housings is 150Psi and are available with ASME code stamps. While most effective with an Industry Standard #2 bag, it will also accept a #1 bag by simply swapping out the basket. Units can also be duplexed together allowing continuous flow. All housings use flanged fittings as standard but Sanitary fittings are an option.


  • NFS61 and ASME code stamp available
  • Permanently piped housings can be opened without special tools.
  • Easy to Clean
  • Vent, Drain and Gauge connections
  • Standard Pressure Rating 150Psi
  • Electro Polished (Stainless Steel) or Painted in Carbon Steel.
  • If standard design does not fit the bill, the design can be adapted to meet your requirements