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Water Treatment

Knight High Efficiency Filter Bags are ideal when trying to protect expensive membrane filters while making potable water from salt water and also when protecting membrane filters in Giardia removal applications. Knight Filtration Products can also be used with many water applications including water treatment plants, drinking water, pipe scale removal, and sand and algae removal from sea water.


Knight filter bags are designed for Amine, oil and gas production, filtration of glycol fluids, gas purification processes, fuel additives, fuel oil, motor oil, hydraulic oil, synthetic lubricants, distillation and cracking processes, offshore filler stations, oil drilling, injection fluids, lube oils, enhanced oil recovery, naphtha solvent, waste oil, and reduced crude applications.

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Food and Beverage

Select Knight filter bags and filter bag housings are made of FDA acceptable materials for all types of food and beverage applications. Drinking water, juices, soft drink processing, spirits and beer, wine applications, beverage polishing, dairy processing, edible oil filtration, honey, peanut butter, soybean into edible oil, high fructose corn syrup, lard, dextrose, chocolates, extracts, slime removal in gelatins, liquid sugar, food flavorings, citrus products, salsa, starch processing, aseptic food processing, pulp removal, poultry and meat wash water are just some examples of the variety of food and beverage applications that make use of our products.

Chemicals and Cleaning Fluids

Chemical manufacturers around the world depend on Knight products for advanced chemical filtration technology and superior equipment protection. Chemical applications include Alkalis, acids and solvents, photo processing solution, latex solutions, liquid detergents, fabric coatings, soap, waxes, cleaning solutions, polymers, resins, catalyst recovery, removal of pipe scale, polishing of aqueous process fluids, filtration of emulsions and dispersions among others.

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For many years, the automotive industry has used Knight products for the filtration of E-coat, topcoat, clearcoat, primer, lubricants, filtration of pretreatment bath, and more.

Paint and Lacquer

Knight filter bags are silicone-free which is a necessity when dealing with certain applications such as paint. Knight filters can also assist with the removal of agglomerates, removal of paint coagulates, solvent filtration, removal of storage contaminants, paint mixing lines, monomer purification, etc…

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Inks, Coatings, Adhesives, Resins and Plastics

Some applications include filtration of printing inks, dyes, parts coatings (aircraft industry), solvent-based coatings for printing plates, plastics processing, adhesives, paper coatings, resins for can coatings, dispersions, polymer filtration, water and solvent-based coatings.

Pharmaceuticals & Personal Hygiene

Filtration of saline solutions, vitamin extracts, polishing of herbal mixtures, active carbon purification and removal, toothpaste, cosmetics, perfumes, shampoo, lotions and assisting in the recovery of expensive active ingredients are just a few uses of Knight filters.

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Waste Vegetable Oil and Bio-Diesel

Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) and bio-diesel applications are just a couple of the new alternative energy sources that are making use of Knight filters.